Four watercolor lessons  are being offered 6:30-9PM  on the 3rd Monday on the next four months, March-June.  The cost per participant would be $25 for  each lesson or $75 for four including  a 20% contribution to NVAL.  Informal individual critiques to review lesson homework on the third Friday of each month a the NVAL Carter House Gallery by arrangement ( on days  before and after when Luke “sits” the gallery).  Workshop limited to eight due to space limitation in the gallery work room.

March 21  Basics:   landscape painting simplified… finding what you want to paint,  establishing basic shapes and structure in a painting,  basic painting  techniques.

April 18 Creating depth  in painting…object position on the picture plane, overlapping, value, color temperature, texture alternation, atmospheric perspective.

May 16  Color theory…”blue is not blue,” mixing the color you want,  analogous and complimentary color, the  push and  pull of color, transparency and glazing.

June 20  Composition in painting, EstablishIng your picture edges, Various composition possibilities (ala Edgar Payne), thumb nail sketching, structure and flow.

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